Roland's White's Approach to Bluegrass Mandolin Book / 2 CD set

A 60-page spiral-bound book with complete instruction in playing bluegrass mandolin for beginning and intermediate players

Roland White at Mandolin Symposium Concert 2015

Roland White's Approach to
Bluegrass Mandolin

$29.95 + shipping

60-page spiral-bound book with 2 CDs
For beginner and intermediate levels, but with challenges for advanced players too. By Diane Bouska and Roland White.

Roland White's Approach to Bluegrass Mandolin
$29.95 + shipping
  • 30 tunes in tablature (no standard notation)
  • 2 CDs with slow and medium tempo recording of each tune
  • guitar rhythm and mandolin in separate channels
  • for rank beginners progressing through all levels
  • complete instruction in how to play bluegrass mandolin
Roland White's Approach to Bluegrass Mandolin
$29.95 + shipping

Bile 'Em Cabbage Down, Cabin Home on the Hill, Cripple Creek, Soldier's Joy, Liberty, St. Anne's Reel, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Mississippi Sawyer, Sugarfoot Rag, Salty Dog Blues, Salt Creek, Old Joe Clark, Ragtime Annie, Golden Slippers, Blue Grass Stomp, New Five Cents, Spinning Wheel, Road to Columbus, Gold Rush, Wheel Hoss, John Henry, Blackberry Blossom, East Tennessee Blues, Pike County Breakdown, Wildwood Flower, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Amazing Grace in G, Amazing Grace in E, Kentucky Waltz, Lonesome Road Blues, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Jerusalem Ridge

Roland White's Approach to Bluegrass Mandolin
$29.95 + shipping

Topics covered: Relaxing, Holding the Mandolin, The Pick, Picking,  Tuning, Fretting, Pick Direction, Practicing, Mandolin Setup, Strings, Caring for Your Mandolin, Reading Tablature, Chords, Playing Rhythm, Tremolo, Chord Reference, Coordination / Warm-up Exercises, A Note on Listening, Selected Roland White Discography, 18 photos

What our students say:

Roland White's Approach To Bluegrass Mandolin is the best introduction to bluegrass mandolin playing that I have come across.  --Terry Pender, reviewing for Mandolin Quarterly - Read review

Dear Roland & Diane, 
I received your book yesterday and couldn't wait to open the package. I put the C.D.'s on and listened to the entire set. I could not believe somebody finally put out a piece of educational material that actually is in my opinion, great!! I was suppose to be doing a million and one things last night, but found myself picking up my F5L Gibson instead. Wow!! I can't wait to get back to practicing again. I really like your approach to the mandolin. You make it just the way I've been trying to learn from recordings, but it seems to be difficult because of the speed most bluegrass tunes are done. I thought I'd never get it or it would just be a very painstakingly slow process. With this book and C.D.'s I have all the confidence in the world that I will become a confident bluegrass mandolin picker. Thank you very much for putting together an absolutely fabulous book and C.D.'s and thank you Roland for signing my book. I will be sending a link of your site to many of my friends. 
Thanks again, Sincerely,
Roman Stauber
Marshfield, Wi

Hi Diane, 
I got my Mando book WOW... is it NICE.... -)I was sure surprised that Roland made the time to sign it -)   PLEASE THANK HIM for me... -)  I can't believe what a quality product it is.. I get a lot of guitar and mando books and I REALLY like this one especially since it has a lot of GOOD tunes and it's not dry.. like a lot of books.  Seriously, it's the best book I've seen in a long time and I own about  everything ********* has made....A few minutes with this book and I was like.. ohhhhh yehhh this is a keeper... -) that's the reason I had to write you back... and I WILL buy anything else you two "kick out" -)When I was at the Station Inn last year I saw a little piece of paper there..saying Roland was giving lessons.  I saw that and said to myself... damn! I wish I lived in guitar town... Anyway if you folks make any other instructional material please let me know and I'll certainly buy it...THANK YOU AGAIN for being so nice -)
Fred Niehaus
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Akron Ohio 

Thank You very much..........I do enjoy that book so very much and am looking forward to the next book with great anticipation. I love the simplicity of your song transcribement, yet the songs sound so full. Especially with accompaniment.  I am not just saying this but that book opened up my mandolin playing extensively. It is a great teacher. Thanks again, 
Tom Kolan

Hi Diane and Roland,
I just learned the first tune in the book, "Bile Em Cabbage Down"; in about 10 minutes, and I'm very excited. As a graphic designer I think you did a tremendous job, the book is perfectly clear and legible, the tunes on the CD sound very clean as well. Thanks for holding off sending everything, so I could get the free strings, I really appreciate it. The Clarence White CD is even more stellar than I could have imagined. You can quote me if you need a testimonial. Thanks for putting together a terrific package!!
C. Sheusi / NYC
p.s. The song list is Class A all the way!!    

Diane and Roland,
I am now the proud owner of your book and CD's. And am very pleased with the content, presentation and your choice of tunes. I am fairly new to this grand instrument but am moving along pretty fast. My teacher and others seem to stress speed and there are many fast monster mando players out there to emulate but many sound the same and as you say have lost touch with the inherent beauty of these American classics. I am so glad to see your emphasis on melody, and feeling in playing. I can only hope to capture these values in my playing. I will pass on the recommendation of your book to my picking friends and will await any other offerings. Thanks again.
Gregory Janos
Carmichael, CA

I saw your ad on the Mandolin Cafe board. Nice!I can't tell you how much I am appreciating your Roland White's Approach to Bluegrass Mandolin Method book and CD's. I needed them. It was time to go back to the basics, even though my picking is getting to a point that I can take the fast breaks, fill and chop reliably. I was getting sloppy. Your book is well written and answers many of my questions. I enjoy the layout and find the "asides" wonderful.The organization of this material is  tremendous. It is easy to verify your pick direction just from the sound. I still would not be able to tell if it were you or  Roland's picking.. give me a little time.  Also your dead-on rhythm makes following you a joy. It's like I have a metronome and a practice tape all in one. I appreciate the ability to slip from track to track. It's easy to back track. Your package has given me plenty of quality material to work with. It just makes me want to improve. I promise, I will remember that it is my responsibility to practice!  The two of you have certainly done your work. THANKS...
Patsy Kline, honest! 
from Lawn, PA ..