Roland White - Bluegrass Mandolin
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Mandolin and Rhythm Guitar Lessons

Roland White gives private lessons in bluegrass mandolin and rhythm guitar at home in Nashville, Tennessee whenever he's not traveling. He teaches all ages, beginners to advanced players. Most lessons are given on weekdays, but some Saturdays are open too. Lessons are one hour in length, cost $50, and can be scheduled every week or whenever you feel you want a lesson. If you aren't near enough to Nashville to come here even occasionally, check Roland's schedule page---it's possible that he could give you a lesson when he's in your area. For more information about lessons, email Roland at rolandw at juno dot com.

Here is how Roland describes his teaching method: " We start with simple chords to back up songs the student is familiar with. I like to work with songs the student can sing or hum, and do them in the key the student can sing in if they sing. We do a few songs that way, and then begin learning how to find the melody to those songs. Everything we approach in the lesson I make sure the student can get through by the end of the lesson. We put it on cassette, review it the next lesson and usually they've got it. I don't use tablature in the lessons because I find the student commits it to memory faster and relates to the instrument better by relying on the sound and on the sight of my hands on the instrument rather than on the paper. Tablature is useful if you don't have anyone to show things to you in person, but in the lessons I do it "knee to knee"*.

For students who have been playing a while, I can clean up their playing--help them with communicating the melodies clearly, and correct bad technique that can mess up their playing. I want students playing a melody I can easily recognize, not just licks. With my more advanced students I work through more advanced elements of my style and Monroe's style, and we take on some of the more difficult tunes and backup techniques. I teach my students not just tunes, but a way of approaching the instrument and a way of communicating with the listener and with other musicians. I hope my students learn to complement the other musicians' efforts, and to make music that is accessible to the listener."

Roland teaches both mandolin and guitar. If you want to know more about taking lessons, please email Roland at rolandw at juno dot com.

*Joe Carr said it first.