Roland White - Bluegrass Mandolin
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Grammy nominated!
The Roland White Band: Jelly On My Tofu
$15.00 + shipping

Selections (click for sound clip):
 1. Jelly On My Tofu
(instrumental) (Roland White)
 2. Sunday Sunrise
(Mark James)
 3. Hoping that You’re Hoping
(Betty Harrison)
 4. Bermuda Drive
(inst.)  (Richard Bailey and David Grier)
 5. Someone You Have Forgotten 
    (L. Certain, B. Graves, G. Stacey)
 6. Cabin On The Hill 
(B.F. Shook)
 7. Rose City Waltz
(inst.) (Roland White)
 8. February Snow
(Shel Silverstein)
 9. Satisfied Mind
(Joe Hayes and Jack Rhodes)
10. Roland’s Rag
(inst.) (Roland White)
11. Flesh, Blood and Bone
(Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
12. Old Fashioned Love
(R.C. MacPherson, James P. Johnson)
13. Rawhide
(inst.) (Bill Monroe)
The Roland White Band:
Roland White mandolin, lead vocals, guitar on 6
Richard Bailey banjo
Diane Bouska guitar, tenor vocals, lead vocal on 11
Todd Cook bass, baritone vocals

Special guests:

Alan Munde, banjo on 1
Stuart Duncan, fiddle on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
Andy Leftwich, fiddle on 7
Mark Howard, bass vocal on 6
Kenny Malone, brushes on snare, 10, 12

Roland's comments from the CD liner:
A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a new band. I wanted to play, sing and record some of my favorite country and bluegrass songs. I also had many new instrumental ideas brewing and wanted to realize them. So I purchased a small tape recorder to record tune ideas. In airports, cars, vans and hotel rooms I came up with quite a few new tunes. In November of 2000 I finally felt ready to embark on the new band and with regret left the Nashville Bluegrass Band, with which I had enjoyed playing for over 11 years. Three of my new tunes are on this CD, along with an original contributed by Richard Bailey and David Grier. What I like about this band is the freedom to work together on fresh new ideas and challenges. This is our first recording as The Roland White Band--I sincerely hope you'll enjoy us!  

Album credits:
Produced by The Roland White Band and Mark Howard
Recorded by Mark Howard at Signal Path Studio, Nashville, TN
Mastered by David Shipley at FoxWood Mastering, Nashville, TN
Cover design by Ron Ault
Photography by Mickey Dobó
Assistant engineer J.P. Crabtree
Special thanks to Mona Brittingham and Mo Lebowitz

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